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About Me.

Well, if you've entered this page you've either clicked the wrong link or (dare I say it?) you're actually interested in knowing more about me! I'm so happy I'm crying! (sniff, sniff). But really, I'm glad that you are interested... or at least nosy. However, do towards possible infringements on my rights as a human being to privacy, I can't disclose much (you never know about those tabloids nowadays!).

Anyhow, I am currently a third year electrical engineering major at the University of California Davis. However, my hobbies encompass a variety of things unrelated to my major. I sometimes wish that I could be more like my collegues and learn a different programming language every vaction, or that I could spend hours fascinated by a really hard calculus problem, but alas it is hopeless... -No my interest is lost in that I have no stable interest. Sometimes I like to draw, and then, when that fails to amuse me, I often like to procrastinate studying by playing on my computer. I think that Diablo is boring, unlike everybody else, and yet I play a stupid game like Worms. When I get bored of that I often vent my frustrations out by playing a really violent fighting game on my PlayStation. I watch anime only if the animation quality is good (circa 1990 or higher), and would kill to get my hands on Evangelion merchandise (by the way, I have a page for that). I try to play tennis occasionally, and then look good losing. I try to be a good Christian, but have fallen short a couple of times buy doing stupid things involving wierdly shaped objects that I wish not to discuss at this time (nothing sexual trust me).

That's about all I've figured out about myself in my 20th year on earth, but when I discover something new I'll let you know since I'm a lonely guy who nobody talks to and everybody avoids and I have nothing else better to do than tell complete strangers more about my insides.(It's a JOKE I'm not really that depressing!)

If you wish to email me or respond to my mindless confusion, my e-mail address is: