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introducing the din pedals!

First of all, I would just like to say that this is a really cool band (and I'm just not saying this because my cousin (below) is the drummer).

They catagorize themselves as being "Modern Rock", but I think that's just to get them away from the negative stereotypes that the lable "alternative rock" brings.

Upon listening to them constantly, I would have to say that their style can best be compared to a mixture of U2 and Radiohead. However this is entirely a general description since their sound is definitely unique in nature. Being a non-music major, and lacking of the correct terms one would used to describe their unique sound, I can only say that you have to hear it for yourself. There are definitely traces of a dreamlike/methodic use of tones, and the lyrics combine to make their overall pieces intelligible and strong.

There upcoming success can be seen in their hit single "Waterfall" recently released on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, as well as their new album being released this Spring ('98) by Epic Records.

With that brief introduction I invite you to visit their website by clicking on the large icon below!