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Welcome to my art gallery! I'm just a beginner at PhotoShop so don't laugh too hard at my efforts to be artistic. All the images were first drawn, scanned, and then edited with the exception of some of the backgrounds which are mostly stock photography.

This was just a picture that I did for fun. It is also the latest one.

This is my first real attempt at using photoshop. My friend Yoshi helped me out on this one in terms of the lettering effect.

I did this picture for my sister. She wanted a picture of her and her roomate. Needless to say, it is incomplete!

I did this picture on a whim. By the way, Have you visited my Neon Genesis Evangelion site?

This picture was my first attempt at a dance flyer

Here is the completed version of my sister and her roomate

Here is one of my test designs.

This is my most recent attempt to find a unique drawing style,while at the same time displaying humanistic emotions. I call this one Tranquility .