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Rei Ayanami is the most beloved character in the Evangelion storyline. This is most intriguing to me since her character as a whole is pretty dull. However I must admit that there is something which draws me to her character. Perhaps its the fact that she has blue hair (not that I have a thing for women with abnormally colored hair -regardless of what my friends might say.) Maybe its just that she is an ENIGMA -or a part of the giant jigsaw puzzle making up Evangelion's complex storyline. All I know is that I like her for no good reason -and that is reason enough (isn't it?)

Living by herself in a project-like apartment, Rei is content to keep to herself. When Shinji visits her early on in the series, he finds rags of blood littering the floors and bed. (Gross isn't it?) He also sees something he's not supposed to! (Hentai alert!)

Throughout the course of the series, she seems to be the the most mysterious character in origin and in personality. In one sense, Rei can be seen as a girl-type Shinji -quiet and alone. However, it turns out that unlike Shinji who faces an inward stuggle, Rei seems to know her fate and accepts it without complaint. Throughout the course of the storyline, Rei's Evanglion Prototype (00)seems to want to reject her -almost killing her at one point. Later we find out that out of all the children, Rei's sychonization with her EVA is the lowest.

The relationship between Rei and Shinji's father, Gendo, is another mystery. This is only a mystery since Gendo seems to care a whole lot more for her than he does his own son. Shinji himslef is surprised when he sees them talking as if they are old friends.