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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the storyline of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I will attempt to give you a brief synopsis of my personal interpretations. For you other Eva fans out there I guess you can skip this section or poke fun at my mistakes/assumptions.

I first heard about Neon Genesis Evangelion from my friend who gave me a brief and totally inaccurate account of the storyline. For your amusement it went something like this:

"God is mad at humans and so He sends out monsters to destroy humankind. The humans fight back by using the discarded body parts of these monsters to make giant robots. They get some f***** (sorry I can't swear, some kids might be reading this ya know) up kids to pilot the robots, and these kids (being f***** up by society) kick these monsters @$$es!"

From this description you can tell (if you have ever actually watched the series) that my friend had never seen NGE before in his life. Nevertheless his description compelled me to watch the series for myself.

When I first called into the only video store which rents anime in Davis, The Alternative Universe (I hope I get some free rentals because of this!), they told me that the shipment was delayed or something like that. So for a period of a month I proceeded to call every week inquiring about its arrival.

Well to make a long story short, I finally got to rent the AD Vision release of the first two episodes. The introduction totally blew me away so much that I soon became good friends with Joel the video store owner (by the way, he thinks I'm insane but that's besides the point). Anyways, you wouldn't believe the demand for this series in Davis. There would be at least four people in line waiting for a tape to be returned (Joel, you're a cool guy, but next time get a hint: when more than two people are waiting outside your store with baseball bats for hours for someone to return a tape which anyone and their grandmother would kill for you should get more than one copy. In doing so you can increase profits and generally decrease the homicide rate in Davis from 1% to 0%.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, the story...

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a very innovative and unique television series in Japan produced by GAINAX Co.. The only reason why it is hard to explain the details of the series, hence I describe this synopsis as "my interpretation" is that there are a lot of unanswered questions. It is one of those storylines which keep you intrigued through its unique mixture of mystery and and horror. For instance, you don't know why the humans are fighting these monsters -you don't even know what these monsters, called "Angels", really are. The series just starts off with the stuggle and bothers with "explainations" later. These explainations themselves are not really explainations at all but merely clues through which one must infer meaning.

With this in mind, I will give you my assumptions.

The world is recovering from a disaster called Second Impact. Second impact is described to the public as a time when a giant meteor hit Antartica destroying a huge portion of humanity in the process.

Since that incident being called "Angels" have been consistently terrorizing the public through mass destruction and carnage of the rest of the surviving population.To cope with this threat the world organization has devised a seperate brach called NERV dedicated to the destruction and study of "Angels".

NERV is headed by Gendou Ikari, a strict and secretive man who barely survived second impact.

Along with Gendou, a female scientist named Ritsuko and a millitray commander, Misato lead NERV's forces to defeat the Angels.

In order to defeat the Angels NERV "creates?", perhaps we should just say uses giant humanoids (which resemble robots) called EVAs (hence the name EVANGELION). The origin of these creatures are left a mystery, but it is implied that they have some sort of relationship with both humans and angels in their DNA structure. The EVAs must be piloted by 14 year olds born around the time of second impact (I guess its some celestrial thing).

However the pilots are not just any 14 year olds. They are special in some way which is also a kept a mystery. All we know is that they are called "children". I willl give a brief description of each one here. Later you can click on there seperate pages to find out more. The first child, and every fans favorite, is Rei Ayanami (did you ever see so many shrines?).Little is known about her because she doesn't express her emotions very well. Just think of her as a Data who doesn't give a crap about being more human (no offense to all those Rei fans out there!).She pilots the one-eyed prototype EVA-00. The second child, Shinji Ikari, is also the son of Gendou Ikari and only pilots EVA-01 because his father tells him to (by the way, he doesn't get along with his father very well -this too is a mystery). A sidenote is that his EVA has a tendency to go berserker, making the series really gory and taking away any chances of it being shown on American television. The third pilot is the obnoxious and attention-loving Asuka Langley. Her nationality German-Japanese and her eva is the four-eyed production model EVA-02.

From here on the fight between man and Angels begin...


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